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At Sunnect Solar & Lighting we have a dedicated team of professionals that are proud of what we offer. From our in-house salespeople to our field crews, everyone you meet will make you feel you've made the right choice.

Commercial Solar

Our commercial solar projects have created huge value to our customers. We take what is otherwise unutilized roof space and turn it into an investment that eliminates the electric bill expense and also increases the value of the property. We fully appreciate how important the integrity of the roof is to every customer and we conduct our work in such a way that protects the roof at every stage of construction. Should any future roof work be required, you can call us and we will move our system so the work can proceed.



Residential Solar

For residential solar projects, Sunnect Solar & Lighting can help you with every step of the project from financial analysis through construction. Our analysts are second-to-none in being able to present the real economics behind every solar project that we build. How do we know that we are so good? We know that our numbers are correct because with every project that we develop, we monitor the systems for many months after they are built to make sure that they are delivering what we promised. If you are interested in seeing how our systems perform against what we promised, please let us know and we would be happy to walk you through some examples.

Commercial LED Lighting

If you are considering an upgrade to LED lighting, Sunnect Solar & Lighting will perform a full audit of your current lighting layout and then do a side-by-side comparison showing what is currently in place versus the LED retrofit. Our analysis will not only show the cost of the new lighting but will highlight the energy savings, maintenance savings and rebates available. Along with our payback and rate of return analyses, you will have what you need to see why the LED option makes such good sense.


Feed-in-Tariff Solar Projects

As described in other areas of the website, the LADWP Feed-in Tariff Program is different from Net Metering projects where the power generated is utilized on-site. Instead, under this program, the property owner gets to earn a guaranteed revenue stream for 20 years by generating solar power and selling it back to the LADWP grid. We have been most successful in developing these projects for self-storage businesses, warehouses, retail outlets, multi-family apartments and various other commercial/industrial properties. Are you interested in this opportunity but do not want to pay for the installation of a solar system? In the case where ownership is not preferred, we can bring in third-party investors that will either own the system and sell the power to the property owner, or in the Feed-in Tariff scenario, will rent the roof space from the property owner in return for a 20 year monthly royalty payment.

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