How Energy Storage Will Change Everything

Solar panel systems are a fantastic way to not only create clean energy but also to decrease your independence on the grid. To further this independence, several companies are introducing home energy storage systems that are sure to change everything.

While solar panels are generating power for you during the day you may not be there to use it. You most likely arrive home at night when it’s necessary to use energy from the grid. With a home energy storage system this nightly need to tap into the grid decreases.

The way it works is that the power your solar¬†panels produce during the day that go unused get stored in your home energy storage system instead of going out onto the grid. Your storage system most likely won’t be able to store all of it so some of the energy will find its way to the grid. Then, once you get home at night, you can rely on the energy your own solar panels produced that day instead of using energy from the grid.

There are apps available that make it possible to analyze what is more affordable at any given moment; grid energy or your stored energy. Advancements in energy storage technology are popping up rapidly such as the Tesla Powerball 2.0 and the LG Chem RESU. If you are thinking about energy storage for your home be sure to do significant research as there are more players in the market than just Tesla. There are sure to be many significant advancements in this sector over the coming years as people demand more options for grid independence. This demand coupled with states and utilities clean energy goals are all pointing towards continued introductions of amazing energy storage solutions.