Go Solar In California in 2016

Compelling Reasons for Going Solar In California in 2016

If you live in California, you have more reasons to go solar than people residing in other states of the US. Many residents in California are turning to solar energy to power their electrically-driven devices and meet their energy needs, primarily because solar saves them money in the long term and also because it provides them the best opportunity to contribute to making the world a better place to live for the generations to come.

California is lucky in the sense that it is sunny here for a significant portion of the year. That’s why you can see solar energy panels popping up all over your neighborhood. With electricity prices going up consistently, going solar is a smart move that will pay off in a few short years and for decades to come.

There are many other reasons why you should consider going solar right now:

Dropping Prices of Solar Panels and Installations

If you think the cost of going solar is high, you are right in a way. The initial cost of installing solar panel is high. However, over the past decade or so, the prices of solar panels and related accessories have plunged and right now they are at a historical low. Surely, you would like to take advantage of the immense saving potential it offers. Apart from prices of solar equipment, other soft costs related to permits and designing are also coming down.

Encouragement from the Government Through Attractive Incentives

Government incentives such as federal investment tax credit and local tax rebates are strong reasons for people looking towards solar power favorably. The demand for solar panels is expected to soar to a record high in 2016 because of two key factors; growing demand and favorable policies by the U.S Government in general and the California state authorities in particular. The City of Glendale offers Solar Solutions Incentive Program for both residential and commercial solar panel installations. Your commercial establishment can benefit from the Business Solar Solutions program. The Residential Solar Solutions Program is designed for homes using solar installations.

Financing Options Available

Solar financing options are available for homeowners planning to go solar in California. Those who are keen to switch to solar energy but find the cost of making the transition a limiting factor will be now able to realize their dream with the soft financing schemes designed specifically for solar related projects.

Improves The Market Value Of Your Home

Did you know that in California, or for that matter, in any other state in the US, homes with residential solar panels installed can get a much better price and attract more buyers?  Residential homes with solar panels installed are preferred by homebuyers as it saves them the cost and hassle of installing a solar energy system from scratch. It automatically gives a boost to the market value of your home.

Save Money, Earn Money

If you stay on the grid, you will only end up spending more in lighting up your home and keeping the various appliances running as electricity prices will continue to rise. Solar energy will reduce your utility bill drastically and also help you save some more. If you can generate excess energy, that can be returned to the National Grid for an attractive price.

Support Green Energy

By using solar power, you can play a small but significant role in promoting green energy. Hold your head high and take pride in being a responsible citizen of California. Become an inspiration for others to use renewable energy. It is undoubtedly the best way of dealing with climate change. It is good for your home and great for your society.