Make Sure You Buy The Best Solar System For Your Home By Following These Tips

Buying a solar system is a big investment for many. That’s why it is important to select the best solar power system for your home to get the best value for your hard-earned money.

There are many things to consider before buying a solar system such as the type of solar panels needed for your energy needs, the space available, the mounting options, and the installation company.

Here are some tips for buying a solar system without being influenced by fanciful promotions or jazzy advertisements.

Choosing Solar Panels

The choice of solar panel must be done after careful consideration of a number of factors. There are both mono-crystalline and poly-crystalline panels available. Both have their specific benefits and drawbacks.  Poly-crystalline panels are less expensive  but are slightly less efficient.. Mono-crystalline solar panels work best in bright sunshine. They are more efficient and therefore fewer panels are needed.. They are  unfortunately more expensive.

How Much Space Do You Have

Before you buy solar panels, you must know how much space is needed for the installation depending on the type of photovoltaic panels you have chosen. If the space available is limited, mono-crystalline panels may be the best choice. If your terrace or roof has ample space, poly-crystalline panels could be the best option. Your choice of solar panels for your home must be driven by factors like efficiency and energy return. If the installation area is clear and free from any type of obstructions, you can expect optimum efficiency from the solar power system.

Roof Mounting Choices

Mounting and orientating the solar system correctly is vital for extracting the best performance. Flush mounts are commonly used as they are comparatively inexpensive and easy to install. They consist of metal brackets attached to both the panels and the racking system.  When the job is finished, they appear to be mounted flush to the roof but instead they are actually raised slightly above the roof so water and debris can easily pass through.  If the best way to achieve production efficiency is to have the panels mounted at an angle, the racking system comes with the equipment needed to tilt up every panel at the optimal angle to the sun.

Solar Installation Provider

Choose an installation company that gives you the best advice and provides the best equipment and warranties. It is equally important to choose a company that provides the best maintenance plan and also educates you on the use of the solar system to get the best results. Get a few quotes, check the track record of different companies and narrow down your choice to the most reputed solar installation provider.